Dot lands will be sorted based on 2017 G.O. -Collector


Nellore: District Collector R Muthyla Raju said that in the district for over 1 lakh acres of CJFN land, measures have been taken to provide land documents from the hands of the Chief Minister to the beneficiaries. On Monday at Thasildar Office, Bogolu, Kavali Division he participated in the special grievance organized related to the lands and on this occasion said that in the district there are 815 registered societies and a survey has completed related to them. Survey related to 40 thousand acres has been completed and as early as possible survey will be completed for the remaining lands he said. Based on the G.O. that came on 2017 related to the Dot lands evidence will be collected those who have 12 years of acquaintance (i.e., from july 2005) and will be regulated.