Every drop of water falling on the ground must be caught says Minister Narayana


Nellore: Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu has determined to catch each and every droplet of water that falls on the ground says State Municipal Minister Dr. Ponguru Narayana. On Saturday, at Somasila Reservoir he participated in ‘Jala Siriki Harathi’ program along with Agricultural Minister Somi Reddy, Aadala Prabakar Reddy, Incharge Collector K Vetriselvi, other public representatives and officials. On this occasion he said that even though the state is in Financial crisis in the last 4 years the Government has spent 58 Thousand Crores on the Irrigation sector and till now 58 percent of Polavaram Project works has been completed. In the new state water is being provided for 1 Crore 35 Lakh Acres, soon for another 35 Lakh Acres also water will be provided, the Central Government only handed the Polavaram project works to the State Government, this is to be reminded by the opposition leaders said Mister Narayana.