German man booked for participating in CPI(ML) meeting in Telangana


The Telangana police have filed a case against a German man Weidemann Joerge Alexander on Monday for participating in a public meeting held by CPI (ML) New Democracy in Yellandu. The meeting on Sunday was hosted by the party’s candidate Gummadi Narsaiah.

Weidemann, who is central committee member of International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR) of the Marxist-Leninst Party of Germany reportedly visited India to attend a conference in Bengaluru. However, police learnt that he had participated in the meeting on Sunday held by Narsaiah. After inputs from intelligence sleuths, police accessed photos of the meeting, and registered a case against both Weidemann and Narsaiah along with two others on Monday.

Weidemann has been charged under section 14(b) [does any act in violation of the conditions of the valid visa issued to him for his entry and stay in India or any part thereunder], 14 (c) [contravenes the provisions of this Act or of any order made thereunder or any direction given in pursuance of this Act or such order for which no specific punishment is provided under this Act], 14 C [penalty for abetment] of The Foreigners Act, 1946.