Highest water storage capacity is owned by Nellore District – Minister Somi Reddy


Nellore: Nellore District owns the highest water storage capacity because of the Somasila and Kandaleru Dams and no other districts in the State has this availability. This credit is due to the initiative of Late N.T. Rama Rao, NallapaReddy Srinivasula Reddy says Agricultural Minister Somi Reddy Chandra Mohan Reddy. On Saturday, he participated in the ‘Jala Siriki Harathi’ program at Somasila Dam. Later he talked to the media that we got the pending forest permission in the Kandalleru range and cultivation area has increased to 2.10 Lakh acres and we are going to get the pending permissions in the Somasila range. When we get the permissions extra 5 TMC’s of water can be stored said Minister Somi Reddy.