Sanitation workers abusively scolded the Corporator, beaten the Labour


Nellore: The Vinayaka Chavithi festival is in one day, the corporation contract workers are on strike, garbage is wherever it is all over the city. Even though the talks took place on the G.O. 279 between the Labour unions and Mayor twice they have not become useful. Due to this, as the Collector and State Bank are location in the 44 division on Tuesday corporator Pitti Satya Nageswara Rao brought some labour and started to clean the garbage  with the help of the Police. However, the women workers who are on strike in this division came, started beating and scolding the women who came to work vulgarly. The Corporator came on the run and with the help of the Police tried to avoid them. Even though the woman started scolding the corporator vulgarly.