Thieves Tunnel 25 Feet Into Bank Near Mumbai, Loot 30 Lockers


MUMBAI- In a heist that could easily be mistaken for a movie plot, a group of robbers dug a 25-feet long tunnel to the lockers of a bank in Mumbai, fleeing with valuables worth Rs. 40 Lakh. The robbery took place at a branch of Bank of Baroda in the Juninagar area near Navi Mumbai at some time between Saturday and Sunday, a police officer told the Press Trust of India. A case has been registered and the police said they are probing the matter, which may have been planned over 5 months ago.The bank staff discovered the robbery when they went to work on Monday morning and walked in to the locker room to find several vaults open.The accused robbers, who are yet to be caught, had allegedly rented a shop next to the bank in May. Since then, they reportedly dug the tunnel which stretched to 25-feet, to reach the locker room of the Bank of Baroda branch. The accused allegedly opened 30 of the 225 lockers there, and walked away with valuables worth about Rs. 40 lakh.