Lithium reserves are known to be abundant in Rajasthan-Geological Survey of India

Amaravati: The officials of Geological Survey of India said that lithium deposits have been discovered in the Degana region of Rajasthan. It has been revealed that there are more lithium reserves here than those found in Jammu and Kashmir. These lithium reserves are expected to meet 80 percent of India’s demand. A small amount of lithium mineral deposits have been identified in Karnataka. After that, huge amount of lithium was found in Jammu and Kashmir, now in Rajasthan.. Lithium is mainly used in batteries used in electric vehicles. The world’s lithium reserves are mainly concentrated in South American countries like Argentina, Bolivia and Chile up to 50 percent. By 2030, India hopes to produce 30 percent of its electric vehicles based on lithium. With the discovery of lithium reserves in Rajasthan, India will play a key role in the world in the field of battery manufacturing.

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