Narayana angry with YSP government after seeing the bad condition of necklace road

Necklace road will be completed after coming to power..
Nellore: Former minister, Nellore City TDP MLA candidate Dr. Ponguru Narayana, along with Deputy Mayor, Rupkumar inspected the NTR Necklace Road at Sri Irukala Parameshwari Ammavari Temple in the city on Thursday. On this occasion, he said that to bring joy to the people of Nellore, he would like to build a Hyderabad-style tank bund and make arrangements to that effect. He said that under the first phase of the TDP regime from 2014 to 2019, the works of NTR Necklace Road at Nellore Swarnala Cheruvu have been almost completed. But before the completion of the rest of the work, the TDP government was changed due to the election. Later, the YCP who came to power left the necklace road issue completely in the air and took away the happiness of the people of Nellore. He expressed anger that TDP would get a good name if these works were completed. He promised that if the TDP government wins again in the elections to be held soon, they will complete the stalled works and make the necklace road to Nellore standard.

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