80 Indians arrested for gambling in Thailand

Amaravati: The Thai Task Force Police on Monday arrested a 93-member Indian gambling gang in Pattaya, Thailand, including casino king Chikoti Praveen. Thailand Task Force Police said that 14 women were caught in this gang and a huge amount of cash and gaming chips were seized from them. The police raided a luxury hotel in Pattaya, Thailand early on Monday (May 1) after receiving information that large-scale gambling was taking place. A total of 93 people were arrested. There are more than 80 Indians in this. Police seized Rs 20 crore cash, 8 closed-circuit television cameras, 92 mobiles and three notebooks from the accused. Thailand police said that many Indians had booked rooms in a hotel in Pattaya from April 27 to May 1. Among those arrested are 83 Indians, six Thais and four Myanmar nationals, police said.

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