A child died after being attacked by a wild animal in Tirumala

Tirumala: A family on the Mettla route for darshan of Srivari lost their child.. Two families from Pothireddypalem of Nellore district (about 10 people including children and adults) reached Tirupati by car on Friday. At 8 o’clock in the night, they left Alipiri for the hill. Reached Lakshminarasimhaswamy temple at 11 pm. giral Lakshita (6) went missing while the family members were talking. What happened? what Winded around ?.. But the giral was nowhere to be seen.. A complaint was made that the giral was missing in the police station. The police registered a missing case and started searching the forest near the area where the giral went missing. On Saturday morning, near the area where the giral was not seen, the giral’s dead body was found with signs of being attacked by a wild animal. Police shifted the dead body to Tirupati Ruya Hospital for postmortem. The DFO spoke to the media after seeing the giral’s body at the Ruya hospital mortuary. He said that when he saw the attack on the giral, the cheetah got deep wounds. It is suspected that the bear attacked, and the postmortem report will come but nothing can be said. he said that it is auspicious for devotees to go in groups on the walkway. (Whoever said how many times the pain of a mother and father who lost their child is unbearable).

On June 23, a similar incident took place on Tirumala Walkway.from Adoni, Hanuman Nagar, Kurnool district along with Shirisha and Kondaiah’s family came to visit Tirumala Srivari on 23rd June. While walking with Kaushik (5) on the walkway, when he reached the seventh milestone, a leopard attacked him. suddenly cut Kaushik’s neck and locked boy in the forest.. As the people around shouted, leopard immediately left and ran away.. Boy Kaushik seriously injured in cheetah attack.. He recovered after treatment at a children’s hospital in Tirupati. After darshan of Srivari they went home.

On December 5, 2021, a leopard attacked two young men’s who were traveling on the Tirumala Ghat road. FMS personnel Anand and Ramakrishna, who were going to work from the second ghat road, were suddenly attacked by a leopard after passing the Vinayaka temple. Two persons survived the attack with minor injuries. After receiving the information, the vigilance personnel reached the spot and shifted both of them to Tirumala Ashwini Hospital in an ambulance. Officials thought that the incident might have happened when the leopard was crossing the road when both of them came on a bike.

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