A new crocodile spotted in the corner of Anantapadmanabha Swamy temple

Amaravati: A new crocodile was spotted in the Koneti of Sri Anantapadmanabha Swamy temple in Kasaragod district of Kerala after 5 days.. Babiya, a crocodile who is considered to be a reincarnated goddess, died on October 9 last year. Temple officials revealed that the deceased Babiya was around 70 years old. A year after the death of the crocodile, devotees spotted a new crocodile in the temple lake and brought it to the attention of the temple authorities. Chairman of the temple, Uday Kumar, confirmed that there is a new crocodile in Koneti. He said that the information has been given to the chief priest of the temple and he will decide what to do. After a crocodile dies in a pool, it is common for another crocodile to appear within a few days. Officials said Babia was the 3rd crocodile to die last year. When Babiya died, hundreds of devotees along with politicians came to pay their last respects.
The deceased Babiya crocodile was a complete vegetarian.. It used to eat Prasad prepared in the temple.. Babiya used to live in a shed next to the pool. The temple authorities said that when the head priest left the temple at night, Babiya used to guard the temple premises and when the temple gates were opened in the early hours of the morning, it would go straight into the pool.

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