Amit Shah alliance to end Goondagiri in Andhra Pradesh

Amaravati: BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah revealed that he has formed an alliance with TDP and Janasena party to end Goondagiri in Andhra Pradesh. Speaking in a meeting organized in support of BJP candidate Sathya Kumar in Dharmavaram of Sri Satyasai district as part of the election campaign, he made it clear that the corrupt YSRCP government will be overthrown. TDP chief Chandrababu, former minister Paritala Sunitha along with the main leaders of the alliance participated. Amit Shah said that the alliance was formed to end the land mafia in Andhra and make Amaravati the capital again. He said that he will protect the sacred Tirupati Venkateswara Swamy and protect the Telugu language.. Remember, Jagan Reddy has made it clear that Telugu language will not end as long as there is BJP.
We will complete Polavaram in two years:- He reminded that BJP played a vital role in giving national status to Polavaram, which is the lifeblood of the state. He expressed anger that Jagan Reddy got involved in corruption and delayed the construction of the project. He assured that the Polavaram project will be completed in two years if Chandrababu comes to the state and Modi government at the center.

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