Center should order CBI probe on ganja shipment-Anam

Nellore: In the report released by the Narcotic Control Board, TDP state spokesperson Anam Venkataramana Reddy said that it is regrettable that NCB revealed that Andhra Pradesh is the first in the supply of narcotics and 2 lakh kg of ganja belonging to AP has been seized across the country. In a media conference held at the TDP district office on Friday, he said that the police had revealed that the ganja and heroin seized in other states were transported from AP. He said that if 2 lakh kg of ganja was seized officially, then 40 lakh kg of ganja would have to be considered to have been illegally transported. He alleged that ganja is being sold for 60 thousand rupees per kg, and according to this calculation, ganja worth 3 lakh crore rupees is being traded from AP. He expressed his concern that young children are getting addicted to marijuana as they are found in the wild. He asked if the transportation of ganja is going on at this level without CM Jagan’s knowledge ? It is alleged that under the direction of CM Jagan, Vijayasai Reddy is transporting ganja from Visakhapatnam. He said that Jagan’s leadership is appreciative for achieving the first rank in the supply of ganja.


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