Anti-rabies vaccinations for stray dogs-Commissioner Vikas

Nellore: Commissioner Vikas Marmat has revealed that special drives are being organized in all the divisions under the city government to provide anti-rabies vaccinations to the dogs so that there are no dangerous situations due to the bites of stray dogs. The commissioner on Tuesday started the rabies vaccination program for stray dogs at the secretariat near the local Balaji Nagar Kanthamma Ashram. On this occasion, the commissioner said that information should be given to the number 9553219996 on the problems of stray dogs.The Commissioner said that after vaccination, the dogs will be left in the local area, and the dogs with mischievous nature will be kept under the supervision of doctors for a few days after vaccination. The commissioner said that with the cooperation of the local corporators in the divisions, the stray dog ​​vaccination program will be successfully conducted. Local corporators Sujatha, Srikanth Reddy, City Corporation Health Department Officer Dr. Venkata Ramana, Veterinary Officer Dr. Madan Mohan, Sanitation Officers and Secretariat Secretaries participated in this program.

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