China has given Rs.1.35 crores to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation-Amit Shah

Amaravati: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has alleged that the Congress leaders received money from the Chinese Embassy for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. After the FCRA repeal was mentioned in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Amit Shah expressed his anger that the question time was blocked by the Congress party. He said that between 2005-2006 and 2006-2007, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation received Rs.1.35 crore from the Chinese Embassy, ​​which is against the provisions of FCRA. That is why the central home department canceled its registration. Amit Shah commented that India had to sacrifice permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council because of Nehru’s love for China, and the people of the country are now getting to know the truth. Commenting on the Chinese border dispute, he said that China occupied Indian territory during the Congress rule. He said that as long as Narendra Modi is in power as Prime Minister, no one can occupy even an inch of land belonging to the non-Indian side.


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