Two killed in Metropillar collapse in Bengaluru

Amaravati: A fatal accident took place on Tuesday morning in the HBR Lay Out area near the outer ring in Bengaluru. The 40-feet-high, under-construction Metropillar of iron rods, weighing a few tones, collapsed on the family of Lohit Kumar, who was passing by on a bike. Lohit Kumar (34), his wife Tejashwini (28) and their 3-year-old twin children were on the bike at the time of the incident. The locals rushed them to the hospital for treatment. The mother and her three-year-old son died while undergoing treatment in the hospital, the police said, and the father and daughter are being given emergency treatment. At the time of the accident, there was a traffic jam of about 6 kilometers. Locals, with the help of Metro staff, cleared the fallen pillar and iron rods.


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