Complete the cast census process as planned-Commissioner Vikas

Nellore: Commissioner Vikas Marmat has directed the secretaries of secretariats to carry out the caste census process ambitiously undertaken by the state government in a planned manner within the city governing body. In a meeting held at Kasturbha Kalakshetra on Wednesday, he said that as per the orders of the state government, the caste census program will be started from the 27th of this month. He said that the collection of information will be carried out with the strictest security standards and in strict procedures so that the information cannot be known by others. The commissioner instructed the secretaries to record the caste information given by the people in the caste census survey without any verification of supporting documents. As some castes are not recognized in our state, it is suggested to record their details separately. The commissioner suggested that all sections of the society should be included in the survey and collect the comprehensive survey details. The commissioner suggested that the census details should be collected from all sections of people till December 3 and provide comprehensive information. Additional Commissioner Sharmada, Deputy Commissioner Chennudu, TPRO Prasad and staff of the city administration participated in this meeting.

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