Do Google Maps lay – High Court

Amaravati: Chief Justice Prashanth Kumar Mishra questioned State Government Advocate General Niranjan Reddy as to why the committee raised an objection on the details of the excavations on the petition filed against Rishikonda in Visakhapatnam. On Thursday, the High Court made the following key comments while investigating Rishikonda’s illegal mining in the High Court. What are the different attitudes of the government that they are digging up the hills in the name of development, and at the same time they are making padayatras for the development of the capital, but they are not allowing them to come to other areas? He asked. Looking at these developments, it seems that the government is hiding something, said the judge. The High Court said that it will be sent for inspection under the Central Forest Department. Advocates KS Murthy and Ashwini Kumar told the High Court that if permission was given for 9.88 acres, excavations were done in 20 acres. Google maps were handed over to the High Court by the petitioner’s lawyers. When government advocate Niranjan Reddy tried to explain to the High Court that they were limited to 9.88 acres, Judge Prashanth Kumar Mishra made key comments. They asked whether Google maps lie. They will file an affidavit, the government lawyer appealed to the judge to give them time. The judge adjourned the hearing of the case to November 3 as the bench told the government counsel that the truth will be revealed after you file your affidavit.


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