Ex-minister Narayana in Supreme Court in case of inner ring road

Amaravati: Former TDP minister and head of Narayana Educational Insertions Ponguru Narayana was acquitted by the Supreme Court on Monday in a case related to the Amaravati Inner Ring Road. The state government has registered a criminal case against Narayana for committing many irregularities related to the Amaravati Inner Ring Road. Then Narayana was granted bail after making a plea in the High Court. The state government has filed a suit in the Supreme Court against the order passed by the High Court. In the arguments held in the Supreme Court on Monday, the lawyer on behalf of the state government brought to the attention of the Supreme Court that several changes were made against the law in ring road, alignment and land acquisition.

He said that the former minister was not cooperating with the investigating agencies, and the High Court brought this matter to the attention of the High Court and gave it a stay. A bench of Justice Gavai and Justice Nagatnam commented that if they do not cooperate with the investigation, they can go to the concerned High Court. It warned against dragging the courts into matters of vindictive politics. The petition filed by the State Government was dismissed.

Hyderabad:- In Telangana, MLAs’ purchase cases have been filed and the police and the state government together have filed cases against their leaders for buying MLAs,In the case that reached the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court made strong comments addressing both parties. Warned not to involve the courts in such matters for political reasons.


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