Goa drug king pin John Stephen D’Souza arrested-Commissioner Chakravarthi

Hyderabad: Drug mafia don, John Stephen D’Souza alias Steve, who is transporting drugs to major cities of the country with Goa as the hub, has been arrested by Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing. Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing DCP Chakravarthi said that the details of 600 customers from different cities of the country were found to be in John Stephen D’Souza’s contact list. Revealing the details of the CP in the media conference organized at the commissioner’s office in Hyderabad, he said that it is known that 168 people in this list are from Hyderabad. He said that John Stephen D’Souza is a drug king pin in Goa and his drug base is in Hill Top Restaurant. John Stephen D’Souza has been running the restaurant since 1983 and special parties are held there every Friday. He said that the entry fee will be from Rs.3 thousand to Rs.5 thousand and parties will be organized with trance music and techno music. Agents of John Stephen D’Souza, drugs were sold to tourists who came to the restaurant, which were bought and used by the youth. Six more people are absconding in this case and they will be arrested soon. The CP stated that if a person named Kali from Goa, residing in Habsiguda Kakatiya Nagar, Hyderabad is arrested and interrogated, the names of seven other people along with the name of John Stephen D’Souza will be revealed. Based on the information provided by Kali, we went to Goa and performed the operation. Chakravarthi said that John Stephen D’Souza was arrested with the help of Goa Police.


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