Kuppam doesn’t have his own house but he has built a dream house in Hyderabad-CM-Jagan

Chittoor: Former Chief Minister and Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu has criticized Chief Minister Jagan that Chandrababu Naidu has worked for 40 years as a Kuppam MLA for 33 years. CM Jagan released the third part of ysr cheyutha funds at an open meeting at Animiganipalli in Kuppam constituency on Friday. Later, the CM said that Rs.51 thousand crores have been given to women in the state through four schemes and Rs.1.17 lakh crores have been given to women in these three years. He said that the pension will be increased to Rs.2, 750 from January next year.

Jagan criticized that Chandrababu never considered Kuppam as his home ground and considered Hyderabad as a home city. That’s why after becoming the CM; he built a house like a paradise in Hyderabad. It is not own house in the kuppam, He complained that there was no vote; Chandrababu was local to Hyderabad and non-local to Kuppam. Chandrababu, who says that he will direct politics in Delhi, also served as the Chief Minister for 14 years. However, he was angry that he could not find a solution to the problem of drought in his own constituency. Jagan criticized Chandrababu as a powerless leader who can’t do anything. He said that after the 2019 elections, all the elections were swept clean and the people of Kuppam voted against Babu’s corruption.

He said that during the YCP regime, Kuppam was made a municipality, the works of Handri-niva were completed in six months and the rest of the RDO office was set up as a dream of the people of this area. In these three years the Kuppam has seen real development, Jagan said that if Bharat wins as an MLA, he will make him a minister.


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