If you have to travel in AP, do you have to bring your passport? -Pawan

Amaravati: Jana Sena’s Pawan Kalyan said that if you have to travel in Andhra Pradesh, you have to bring a passport, why would you come into politics if you are afraid of cases. Pawan has received notices for his comments that he has clear information that some people are ready to throw stones at Varahi Yatra. Pawan responded to this matter in the above manner during the Varahi Yatra held at Pedana in Pedana, Krishna district.
He said that he is ready to come wherever the police come, if he opens his mouth, cases and notices will come. Jagan promised to give jobs to the youth during the Padayatra, but if he had given jobs as promised, why would the youth want the Jana Sena-TDP government? Why are the youth coming to their meetings in large numbers? Jana Sena asked all parties to come together to remove such people when the ruling person is not with us. He said that a person named Jagan is unfit in politics, and called to remove him from politics in 2024 elections. Here, if you want to go from the front of the house of the public representatives, there are rules that the soldiers must salute and go,,,,, such people have been taught a proper lesson in the elections. Pawan Kalyan said that they will make a joint manifesto with TDP during the elections. He said that if people stay with him for ten years, he will develop AP at the level of Hyderabad. He said that he is ready to meet anyone else besides TDP. He said that he wants BJP’s blessings.

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