India will give a Pralay reply to China’s deployments

Amaravati: Against the backdrop of deployment of Chinese drones and warplanes near Indian borders, the Indian Army has decided to deploy the Pralay ballistic missile at the LAC for the first time for strategic operations, agencies have revealed. This missile, which can hit its target at a range of 150 to 500 kilometers, was successfully tested twice in two consecutive days in December 2021. Science thena the Indian army has been waiting with ad IT with its ammulapodi. The process of deploying the Pralay missile along the India-China border has almost started. It is likely to be approved in a high-level meeting to be held next week. The tri-forces are currently trying to create a rocket force. Navy Chief Admiral RK Hari Kumar revealed that late General Bipin Rawat has done a lot of work in building this rocket force. This rocket force is specialized in fighting enemies on the border. The Pralay missile is equipped with a solid propellant rocket motor. The missile guidance system includes state-of-the-art navigation, integrated avionics. Pralay missile can carry 1000 kg explosive.. According to DRDO sources, this missile has been developed to intercept interceptor missiles. Although the DRDO has not yet disclosed the Holocaust speed, it is reported that the missile will target the enemy even at night.


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