India’s message of peace to the world is through Buddha – PM Modi

Amaravati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India did not give a message of war to the world, but a message of peace was given by Buddha. Speaking on the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s participation in the first World Buddhist Conference in Delhi on Thursday, he said that today the world will be filled with war and unrest. Centuries ago, keeping in mind such situations, the Buddha had shown a solution called the path of peace. Gautama Buddha’s great teachings have influenced people all over the world for centuries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Buddha’s path is the future, the path to stability. He said that India, inspired by the teachings of Buddha, will undertake new programs for the welfare of the world. Modi emphasized that countries need to give priority to their own interests as well as the interests of the world. The Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the International Buddhist Federation (IBC) is organizing a Global Buddhist Conference on April 20 and 21. Famous Buddhist monks, scholars and representatives from different parts of the world attended this conference.

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