Is the arrest of TDP National President Chandrababu illegal or legal?

Amaravati: The arguments of the ruling and opposition parties have led to a large-scale debate in the state. Chandrababu, Sajjala’s arguments are in such a way as to support them.
Chandrababu:- Chandrababu said that there were many conspiracies to spread mud on my political career, and it was not done by anyone.. Apart from thinking about the welfare of the Telugu people, I have no other concern. People are fighting because of these threats today. Illegal arrests. None of these can separate me from my people. They will not stop my fight against government malfeasance. He said that democracy will win in the end.

Government advisor Sajjala:- A1 Chandrababu arrested in skill development scam.. They used the name of Simmons company and committed corruption. According to the scheme, Rs. 371 crores were looted. A non-existent project was created. The creator of this scam is Chandrababu. All things will come out in the investigation, skill funds were transferred through shell companies.. Dated MOUs were entered into. It was a 100% then government aided scam… Government advisor Sajjala said that this is not a scam that happened overnight.

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