Israel bombarded terrorists in Gaza with missiles

Amaravati: On Monday, Israeli forces launched mass attacks with bombs and missiles on Gaza. With these attacks, many buildings in Gaza were razed to the ground and tens of deaths were reported. Defense experts believe that this is the biggest attack by Israel since October 7, 2023. Responding to the latest attacks by Israel, the ‘Gaza Civil Emergency Service’ revealed that the intensity of firing was high in Daraj and Tafa in eastern Gaza as well as in some other areas in the west. It has been said that Israel carried out this terrible attack according to a well-planned plan. Fighter jets along with battle tanks were prepared, and the bombardment rained after late night on Sunday, and the firing continued till the early hours of the morning. Speaking about these attacks, the locals said that many buildings were destroyed in the rain of bombs rained by the Israeli forces. Israel, on the other hand, said that this mission was undertaken to destroy the facilities of Hamas terrorists.

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