Will the government widen the roads that cannot fill the potholed roads?-pawan

Amaravati: Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has expressed his anger saying that the Andhra Pradesh police have abandoned the gangsters and rapists who are causing unrest in the society and are only harassing the victims. After visiting the victims whose houses were demolished in Ipptam village of Guntur district on Saturday, he told the media that some houses were demolished in the name of widening roads in Ipptam village of the district. The main reason for this, Pawan Kalyan said, is that the YSP leaders have colluded and demolished the houses of those who had given space to the Jana Sena Avirbhava Sabha in March, in order to widen the road. What is the village now? Or Rajamahendravaram? They said to widen the roads. He criticized the YCP government, which is acting in a partisan manner against other parties, and is committing such atrocities to divert people’s attention as it is unable to govern. If the potholed roads cannot be repaired, will this government demolish houses and widen roads? He said that seeing the statues of Vallabhbhai Patel, Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi being pulled down and the statue of Rajasekhar Reddy being left behind, the way the government is acting will be clear. He said that the YCP, which commits such atrocities, thinks that its power is eternal, and people are observing the government’s methods, as a suitable reward for their hardships, they will teach the YCP a suitable lesson. Pawan Kalyan described committing atrocities like demolishing houses as a heinous act. He warned that if you act like factions and demolish houses, we will build a highway in Idupulapaya.


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