ISRO has released photos related to the shocking facts in Joshimath area

Amaravati: The Indian Space Research Organization ‘ISRO’ has released photos that reveal unbelievable facts about the Joshimath region of Uttarakhand. Photos have been released explaining the sequence of land subsidence in Joshimath area. Geologists who analyzed the photos released by ISRO found that the ground has shrunk by 5.4 cm (c.m) in just 12 days. Between December 27th and January 8th, 5.4 centimeters had shrunk, and between April and November 2022, it was found that 9 centimeters had shrunk. It is said that there is a risk of complete subsidence of land in Joshimath area in future. As danger looms, the demolition of cracked buildings in Joshimath has begun. After demolishing the first two hotels, they started the process of demolishing the rest of the buildings by persuading the hotel owner and the locals. Officials revealed that it will take at least 15 days to demolish the cracked buildings. Bulldozers, JCBs are used for demolition of buildings.


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