ISRO preparing for commercial launch of 36 OneWeb satellites

Amaravathi: The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is preparing to take another big step in the space trade. A huge rocket launch will be carried out from 26th of this month..GSLV MARK will send 36 satellites of UK country to Ningi through LVM3-M3 mission.. This launch is a fully commercial rocket launch. The scientists will launch this LVM3-M3 rocket from the 2nd launch pad at Shaar. If the weather conditions are favorable, the experiment will be launched on Sunday 26th of this month at 9 pm. 36 UK satellites weighing 5805 Kgs will be sent into Low Earth Orbit at an altitude of 450 Km. If this experiment is successful, then ISRO will create a position for itself in the commercial space. ISRO’s commercial arm NSIL has signed a Rs 1,000 crore contract with OneWeb to launch 72 satellites in two phases. The first batch of 36 OneWeb satellites was successfully launched from Sriharikota on October 23 last year.


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