Jagan for early elections in April or May-Satyakumar

Amaravati: BJP National Secretary Satyakumar said that CM Jagan is preparing to go for early elections in April or May 2023. Speaking to the media on Friday, he said that in the upcoming MLC elections, after spending Rs 100 crores, YCP candidates will win and show the results and go ahead. He said that this was due to lack of funds for development works in the state and increasing opposition from the people. He accused that if the people had secured 151 seats in 2019 to lead Andhra Pradesh on the path of development, CM Jagan’s government would leave the governance aside and creates a wedge between the regions and the people in the name of noise. It is deplorable to make false campaigns and advertisements that thousands of crores of rupees have been spent on BCs. He criticized that the accounts of the BCs show all the expenses of the government for various sectors that are not related to the BCs. They said that only Rs.6 thousand crores were spent per year. He said that in the report of the government, BCs are saying that it is 50 to 60 percent on political platforms, but only 43.17 percent is related to the beneficiary. People were asked to take note of the injustices being done to BCs.


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