Magunta Raghava Reddy arrested in Delhi liquor scam case

Amaravati: ED officials arrested YCP Ongole MP Magunta Srinivasula Reddy and his son Magunta Raghavareddy in Delhi liquor scam case on Saturday morning. ED’s investigation has come to light that Magunta Raghavareddy played a key role in South Liquor Group. In all the meetings held under the auspices of the syndicate related to the liquor scam, there is solid evidence that Magunta. Raghava Reddy participated.  It seems that Raghavareddy got a lot of information in the ED investigation. Although the ED officials who interrogated Raghavareddy from Friday took him into custody in the evening, the arrest of Magunta Raghavareddy was officially announced on Saturday morning. After conducting health tests, he will be produced in the Rose Avenue CBI court and may be remanded in custody for 5 days.

ED investigated with the statements of Amit Arora, Dinesh Arora, and Arjun Pandey, based on the things that came to light, Magunta. Raghavareddy was arrested. ED investigation has revealed that Magunta, Srinivasula Reddy, and Raghavar Reddy played a key role in the South House Group. Liquor traders from South have been accused of paying bribes of around Rs.100 crores. As a result, ED has found that 32 zones have been violated and given licenses. No company should take more than 2 retail zones. But using some loopholes in the rules, they are running more than two retail shops. ED officials arrested a person named Rajesh Joshi of Chariot Media who works in New Delhi center two days ago in this scam case. The ED investigation revealed that a person named Rajash Joshi was the head of the advertisement companies, through whom the money was transferred to the Aam Aadmi Party, and Vijay Nair played a key role in this. ED has revealed that Kejriwal will not use this money in the Goa elections. Soon there is a possibility that more big heads will be arrested in Telugu states.


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