News on social media saying a military coup against China’s Jin Ping?

Amaravati: News of a military coup against China’s Jin Ping is doing the rounds on social media.
Social media posts are flooding the news that the President of China has been placed under house arrest by the country’s army. This campaign is going on in our country too. Former BJP MP Subramaniaswamy also tweeted that the Chinese President is under house arrest. The people there are also tweeting that the People’s Liberation Army has taken control of Beijing, the capital of that country, and the army officer Li Qiaoming is the new president. Some videos are also circulating that military vehicles have surrounded Beijing for about 80 km. At the same time, some tweeted that flights, super fast trains and bus services from Beijing were cancelled.

Jin Ping, who has not moved from the country for almost two years, went to Samarkand in Uzbekistan last week and participated in the meetings of the Shanghai Cooperative Organization held there. At the same time, there was a meeting of the top leaders of the Communist Party of China and the news was coming that Jin Ping was removed from the posts of party chief and army in-charge. The reason for this is that he wants to continue as president for the third consecutive term, and to keep him, Jin Ping was arrested after he came from Samarkand, according to posts on social media. However, neither the Chinese Army, nor the Communist Party, nor the local news agencies have officially announced this matter. If, in the context of Corona in China, because Jin Ping has gone to other countries, has he been kept in home quarantine? Or is it unclear whether the military is being called upon to take action on Taiwan? If it takes another two days, there is no chance of an official announcement on what subject??

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