Deadly fire in Kuwait-Ten Indians killed ?

Amaravati: A terrible fire occurred in the early hours of Wednesday in Kuwait. More than 40 people died after a fire broke out in an apartment where workers were living in Mangaf city. Kuwaiti media said that ten Indians were among the dead. A fire broke out in the kitchen of a six-storey building housing 195 workers. This is the building related to NBTC group.. The owner of this company is K.G.Abraham from Kerala. The fire that broke out suddenly reached the upper floor in a moment, along with the fire, thick smoke spread.
Due to this, the people living in it have no chance to come out. According to the latest information, 41 people have lost their lives so far. The death toll is likely to increase. A senior police commander said that many people were rescued from the accident, but unfortunately many people died due to smoke inhalation that came with the fire. About 50 people were taken to the hospital from the accident site. Officials said that the rescue operations are going on at the scene of the incident and the cause of the incident is being investigated.

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