One person was killed in gunfire in Pulivendula

Amaravathi: One person was seriously injured and another died in the firing incident that took place in Pulivendula of Kadapa district on Tuesday. Bharat Kumar Yadav, Dileep and Mahbub Basha, who are accused in Viveka’s murder case, have been found shot by the police. Due to differences between Dileep and Bharat Kumar Yadav regarding financial transactions, a serious argument took place between the two.
The locals are suspecting that the shooting took place due to a water dispute related to a place. Dileep, who was seriously injured in the firing, was shifted to Kadapa Rims for treatment. Dileep died while being taken to Vempalle hospital after the bullets landed in his chest. Mahbub Basha is being treated at the hospital due to an injury to his hand.

Dispute over a place The dispute between Dileep and Bharat Kumar Yadav has been brewing for some time. It is reported that the local elders tried to settle but could not reach a compromise. Two weeks later it came to know that Dileep was threatened with Bharat Gun. Criticism is coming that the police who registered the case did not seize the gun from Bharat Kumar Yadav. Locals are angry that such an incident has taken place today because of the negligence of the police.

(Bharat Yadav is known as a political spinner in Pulivendala.. CBI officials questioned Bharat Yadav in YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case. It is reported that Bharat Yadav introduced Vivekananda Reddy to Sunil Yadav, who is accused in the murder case. Sunil Yadav is A2 in Viveka murder case.. At the same time, Bharat Yadav had earlier accused the CBI officials of implicating him in Viveka’s murder case. It turns out that Bharat is a close relative of Sunil Yadav.)

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