PM Modi inaugurated Centre-State Science Conclave

Amaravathi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Centre-State Science Conclave through video conference on Saturday. This conclave will be held for two days at Science City, Ahmadabad. This program is being organized for the first time under the name Center-State Science Conclave.In this conclave, except Jharkhand and Bihar, the rest of the states participated in this program. Speaking on this occasion, Prime Minister Modi said that industries, young scientists and inventors have benefited from this conclave. He said that India is leading the 4th industrial revolution, and the role of people in this field is very important for the development of science in India. The Prime Minister said that we should know the achievements of our scientists; science will become part of our culture only when we know their discoveries. He said that his government is taking steps forward with the aim of science-based development. He said that investments in science and technology have increased since 2014, and due to the measures taken by the government, India was ranked 81st in the Global Innovation Index in 2015 and has now reached the 46th position. He said that today’s youth are rapidly acquiring technology. In this Amrit Call, we have called upon the youth to make India the center of the world with research and innovation.


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