Poisoning on the most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim?

Amaravati: It is reported that India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is being treated in a hospital in Karachi due to serious health problems. Posts are coming on social media since Monday morning that Dawood was poisoned by his close friends on Friday, and that Dawood Ibrahim was admitted to a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan with serious health problems. There is information that no one except Dawood’s family members, top officials of ISI is allowed on the hospital floor..It is learned that an entire floor in the hospital where Dawood is undergoing treatment has been allotted to him. Reports of Dawood Ibrahim being poisoned are yet to be confirmed.
Mumbai police are pulling the trigger:- They are trying to get more information from Alisha Parker, Sajid Wagle, the relatives of the most wanted terrorist Dawood, who was admitted to the hospital. Dawood’s sister Hasina Parker’s son revealed to the National Investigating Agency in January that the most wanted terrorist Dawood was staying in Karachi after his second marriage. India has also announced a bounty of 25 million dollars on the head of Dawood, the most wanted terrorist. India has asked the international community to put pressure on Pakistan to hand over Dawood Ibrahim.

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