Preparing voter list for election-Mukesh Kumar Meena

Amaravati: Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh Mukesh Kumar Meena said that the list of voters is being prepared for the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections to be held in 2024. He said that they have already done special campaign on this, and they are going door to door in every polling station in the state regarding the list of voters. The draft voter list will be announced on October 17, after receiving the objections, the final voter list will be announced on February 5, 2024. Said political parties can hire BLAs. He said that there should be 714 voters in every 1,000 people, but in some places in Andhra Pradesh, there are a little more. He said that those who do not vote can now register to vote. He said that the voter list process will be made in a transparent manner, saying that there are very few young voters in AP. 10.20 lakh people have been registered as double voters through CSE software. He said that only duplicate voters were removed, but genuine voters were not removed anywhere. He said that there is no truth in the campaign that many voters are being removed from the lists. It has been clarified that the volunteers of the secretariats are not part of the Election Commission.

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