Qatar executes eight ex-Indian Navy personnel

Amaravati: A Qatari court has awarded death sentence to 8 ex-Indian Navy personnel who have been detained in Qatar jails for the past year. The Government of India has expressed shock over this verdict. The Indian government has said that it is considering all legal options to keep its citizens safe. The 8 convicts were working for Dahra Global Technologies and Consultancy Services, a private firm that provides training and related services to the Qatari armed forces.
They have already applied for bail many times but the courts have rejected it many times. Qatari authorities continue to prolong their detention. In this context, Qatar’s “First in Stance” court sentenced them to death on Thursday. The Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement that it is awaiting further details in this regard.
They were arrested in August last year by the Qatari government on charges of espionage for a submarine program on behalf of Israel.
Recently, it is reported that the Qatari authorities have ordered the journalist and his partner to leave the country while reporting on this case. Captains currently facing death penalty are:- Navtej Singh Gill, Birendra Kumar Verma, Saurabh Vashisht, Commanders:-
Amit Nagpal,, Purnendu Tiwari,, Sugunakar, Pakakala,, Sanjeev Gupta,, Sailor:- Ragesh are there.

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