The post is trending as TV actress Jyotirai’s personal videos

Amaravati: While MP Prajwal Revanna’s sex scandal has been making waves in Karnataka recently, another similar incident is creating drama. This time, a person posted on his Twitter account saying that he will release obscene videos of a famous TV actress Jyotirai. In case…
“Actress Jyoti Roy who played the role of Jagati in Guppedantha Manasu Serial” which is successful in Telugu Nata star Maa channel..
Kannada actress Jyoti Roy is playing the lead role of the hero’s mother, Jagathi Madam in the TV serial. Jyotirai, who professionally plays the characters of mother and aunt in serials, unlike today’s heroines in real life, is making waves on social media with her modern photoshoots and dressing. A few days ago, a YouTuber named Abhi posted the private videos of Jyoti Roy on her X account saying that if 1000 people subscribe to my YouTube channel, I will post those videos publicly, and all of a sudden, Jyoti Roy’s hashtag became trending.
Due to this, this issue is causing a lot of trouble.In this background, she is facing criticism. But actress Jyoti Roy has said that no videos have been leaked and it is all false propaganda that someone is plotting to discredit me. But now some videos from Abhi Edit’s profile have been leaked and are doing the rounds on social media.
In this video, the actress Jyotirai is very intimate with the director, there are videos of kissing and hot intimate moments, so all those who have seen them are shocked. According to the information received till now, it is known that the police has not registered any case against incident. (Jyotirai… there is a rumor that she is in a relationship with Telugu director Sukumar Purvaj.. Jyoti got married for the first time at the age of 20, then got divorced. They also have an 11-year-old son. The recent leak of these obscene videos and photos is trending all over social media, not just her. Is Jyoti Raya in these photos and videos? Whether or not also remains to be seen.)

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