Shooting at Wal-Mart store in America-14 people died

Amaravati: The gun culture in America, the superpower, is making people’s lives unprotected. The superpower is in a situation where they don’t know from which direction the bullets will come at any minute. In this context, on Tuesday evening in Chesapeake, Virginia, there was a shooting at the Wal-Mart store at Sam Circle. The police said that the store manager working in Walmart went into the break room and fired indiscriminately at the people there. He said that firing was going on for about 35 to 40 minutes. The death toll in this shooting reached 14 and tens of others were injured. After the shooting, the accused shot himself and committed suicide, police said. Walmart was open at the time of the shooting, US police said. A huge number of ambulances and police reached near the Walmart store and started rescue operations. It seems that the death toll is likely to increase. As the bullets rained down, the public ran for their lives in fear. No matter how many laws are brought in America, they are unable to stop the gun culture.


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