India has issued a summons to the High Commissioner of Maldives

Amaravati: India has issued a summons to the Maldivian ambassador in the wake of controversial comments made by Maldivian ministers against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Today (Monday), Maldives High Commissioner Ibrahim Sahib in Delhi went to the office of the Department of External Affairs in South Block, and India made it clear that it should explain the incident. Recently, regarding the visit of Prime Minister Modi to Lakshadweep, the objectionable comments made by Maldivian ministers on social media have created diplomatic tensions between the two countries. Due to widespread criticism, the government has taken corrective measures. The government has issued a statement that it has nothing to do with the comments made by its ministers and officials against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It has been announced that three ministers Malsha Sharif, Maryam Shuana, Abdullah Majeed and government officials who made inappropriate comments on social media have been suspended. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives has said that it is not acceptable for its MPs to criticize India, and those comments do not reflect the attitude of their government and people.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited Lakshadweep and went snorkeling in the sea. Adventure seekers shared photos suggesting Lakshadweep should be added to their bucket list. Ministers of Maldives have made objectionable comments on this post.. Describing the Prime Minister as a puppet of Israel, a minister hurled insults and compared India to cow dung. Two other ministers also made similar inappropriate comments.

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