Skipping the seniors, to the post of superintendent in the wrong way?

Tirupati: A person belonging to a social group who is working as a UG professor is leading a mantra to get into the post of Superintendent of Sri Venkateswara Ayurvedic Hospital. Currently for the post of Superintendent in Ayurvedic Hospital, if the committee has made selections according to seniority, There are four other qualified professor before the person who runs the mantra “UG professors”.
With the support of the community, a committee consisting of the Head (Commissioner) of the Ayush Department in Amaravati, without even the knowledge of the UG professors who are running the Ayurvedic Hospital. Arrangements are being made to come to Tirupati. Renudikshit, who is currently in-charge of Sri Venkateswara Ayurveda Hospital & College, has been informed that her husband is running the files to get the post of superintendent. The staff related to the hospital are complaining that if the superintendent is the person who got in the way of promotion before him, the services provided to the patients will become worse. In Sri Venkateswara Ayurvedic Hospital, business practices are being introduced and schemes are being implemented to collect thousands of rupees from the patients. The lower and middle class patients are being driven away from coming to the hospital and the patients coming from far away areas are expressing their grievances. Let’s wait and see how EO reacts.

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