Superstar Krishna’s health condition is critical

Hyderabad: Superstar Krishna (79) is in a critical condition and is being treated in the ICU, according to a bulletin released by the Continental Doctors in Gachibowli. It was announced that nothing can be said for 48 hours. They said that he was brought to the hospital in an unconscious state at 2 o’clock on Monday morning. They said that Krishna, who suffered cardiac arrest, was brought to the hospital and CPR was immediately performed on him.  It has been revealed that there are many reasons for cardiac arrest and he is currently in a very critical condition. Does the body cooperate? Continental doctors have made it clear that they cannot predict whether or not they will release the health bulletin again on Tuesday at 1 pm. After receiving the information, Hero Mahesh reached the hospital.

Krishna’s family members took him to the Continental Hospital in Gachibowli as he developed difficulty in breathing around 2 am. The doctors who started the treatment after conducting health tests on Krishna said that Krishna’s health condition is stable in the morning. Naresh told the media that Krishna’s health is good, he was admitted to the hospital with a respiratory problem, and Krishna will be discharged from the hospital after 24 hours.


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