Attack on ICFAI Business School student for emotional damage

HYDERABAD: The incident that took place in Hyderabad on Saturday is an example of the fact that instead of reformation, frenzy will increase for those studying higher education. Going into details…

A video of Himank Bansal, a student of IBS (ICFAI Business School) college campus in Hyderabad being brutally beaten up by other students in the institute’s hostel, has gone viral on social media. There are scenes of some youths beating and threatening Bansal in the hostel room. After the attack, Bansal lodged a complaint with the police about the incident. In the complaint, he has detailed the circumstances that led to the attack on him. In his complaint, Bansal said that one of his friends, who were studying in the first year of B.A-LLB course, scolded him for being friends with a girl three-and-a-half years younger than him. Bansal claimed in the complaint that 15 to 20 students barged into his hostel room and beat him up, accusing him of hurting religious sentiments, and warned him to say Allah-hu-Akbar while hitting him. He revealed that he was not only beaten but treated indecently. Along with the complaint, Bansal also submitted video and photo evidence of the attack to the police. Based on his complaint, the Cyberabad police registered a case against several sections at the Shankarpally police station on Saturday and conducted an investigation. The IBS Institute has initiated action against the students involved in the attack as well as Himank Bansal.


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