The 2024 general election has created a world record-CEC Rajeev Kumar

Amaravati: Chief Election Officer Rajeev Kumar said that the 2024 general elections in India will create history. Speaking at a media conference on Monday, he said that India has created a world record in voting. The senior citizen saluted the women voters saying that we are thanking everyone who voted in the election. CEC said that 64.20 crore people exercised their right to vote across the country.
This number is 1.5 times more than the total number of voters in the G7 countries, and 2.5 times more than the voters in the 27 countries of the European Union. In this election, women voters have exercised their right to vote to a significant extent, i.e. about 31.2 crore people.
He said that 68,763 teams monitored the election process and 4 lakh vehicles were used for the election arrangements. 27 states, Union Territories said that there is no need for repolling. He said that while repolling was conducted in 540 places in the last election, this time the number has reduced to 39. He said that repolling was done in 25 places in only two states. It has been revealed that compared to the last four decades, the highest voting percentage has been recorded in Jammu and Kashmir, where 58.58 percent of the voters exercised their right to vote. He said that they have successfully stopped the flow of cash in the elections, and with a strong plan, Rs. 10 thousand crores of cash, gifts, drugs, and liquor have been seized by the enforcement agencies.

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