Narendra Modi 3.0 administration at the center will start soon after

NDA alliance that wrote history in Andhra Pradesh..
Amaravati: NDA is once again moving towards forming the government at the centre. So far, the NDA alliance is leading in 297 seats, while the India Bloc is leading in 224 seats. Others are leading in 19 more seats.
Congratulations to the alliance of Telugu Desam Party, which achieved a great victory in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections.
People from Srikakulam to Anantapur gave the same judgment regardless of the region. The main reasons for this verdict are 1. Lack of development, 2. Scattering the capital issue in the name of three capitals, 3. Exposing employees, teachers and pensioners to many problems. 4. Emergence of factional tendencies in governance, 5. In Jaganmohan Reddy, acting in an egoistic way instead of in a democratic way, 6. Trying to crush the leaders of every party and parties with personal insults. If the ministers and legislators are speaking vulgar,,on parliament law change, in a way encouraging them,,thinking that we are giving money to the people, so they will vote as if they are dead,, Political analysts are commenting that they have forgotten the fact that the people are the ultimate sovereign in any democratic government. As a result, there was an unprecedented defeat in the history of the country.

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