The Allahabad High Court dismissed the petitions of Muslim organizations in the Gnanavapi case

Amaravati: Muslim organizations faced a setback in the Allahabad High Court in the Gnanavapi case. The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday dismissed the case pending in the Varanasi court seeking the restoration of the temple at the site of Gnanavapi Masjid and all the 5 petitions challenging the merits of the trial. The Anjuman Intejamia Masajid Committee, UP Sunni Central Waqf Board argued that the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 restricts the alteration of religious places as they existed before August 15, 1947. The Allahabad High Court has ruled that the petitions filed by Hindus are admissible. It has been clarified that the petitions in the Varanasi court are not barred by the Places of Worship Act-1991. The Varanasi court and the High Court have issued orders to complete the hearing within 6 months on the petitions filed to restore the temple in place of the mosque.

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