The CBI is coming for the investigation tomorrow, we will hear the anticipatory bail petition tomorrow- court hyderabad news.

Hyderabad: From Monday morning, the media team rushed to Avinash Reddy’s house in Hyderabad.
YS Avinash Reddy, who is accused in the Viveka murder case, turned back from the gate of the CBI office.
MP Avinash Reddy left for the CBI office on April 17 afternoon for investigation in the murder case of former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy. During the CBI investigation, Avinas Reddy made a comment that he should be granted bail without being arrested. As the hearing of the anticipatory bail petition is already going on in the High Court, the CBI officials have given information through WhatsApp to attend the hearing at 10 am on Tuesday (18th). So he turned back his convoy and went home. The CBI has issued notices stating that Avinash Reddy is a co-accused in the chargesheet that arrested father YS Bhaskar Reddy. The CBI lawyer said that the Supreme Court has ordered to complete the investigation of the case by April 30, and whenever Avinash Reddy is called, they are obstructing the investigation by filing petitions in the court.

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