Balaramaya Prana Pratishtha as Angaranga Bhabhava

Prime Minister Modi..
Amaravati: Kausalya Rama, who is the embodiment of thousands of years of Hindu culture and tradition, died in Ayodhya. The idol of Balaramaiah was installed in the newly constructed temple. Prana Pratishta program was held at 12.29 minutes in Abhijit Lagnam on Monday afternoon at the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. An important ritual was undertaken for about 84 seconds. After the installation of life, Prime Minister Modi removed the cloth from the eyes of Lord Rama and worshiped Lord Rama with flowers. First Prime Minister Modi offered harati to Ram..50 conch shells were filled during prana pratishta.. Balarama appeared shining with golden ornaments.. He protected himself with an arrow in his right hand and a bow in his left hand. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath participated in the sanctum puja along with Prime Minister Modi. After Prana Pratishta, homam, recitation of Shukla Yajurveda will be done.. Later in the evening, Purnahuti program will be held.

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