The court allowed worship in Gnanavapi premises

Postponed to February 6.
Amaravati: A crucial turning point took place on Wednesday in the Gnanavapi case. Varanasi court has given permission to worship in Gnanavapi premises. With this, he got the opportunity to worship the idols of Hindu deities in Gnanavapi. The court announced the key verdict on the petition filed in connection with worship in the basement of Gnanavapi Vyasaji, where both the parties had argued. It has been stated that arrangements should be made for worshiping idols of Hindu deities in 10 sealed cellars. Shailendra Kumar Pathak Vyas, Vishnu Shankar Jain, Sudhir Tripathi, Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi and Deepak Singh argued in the court. They requested to open the barricading in front of the Nandi statue and to allow worship in the basement as it was before 1993. Mumtaz Ahmed and Ikhlaq Ahmed objected to this on behalf of Intejamia Masjid Committee. They said that the basement is a part of the mosque, and it is not possible to worship there. After hearing the arguments of both parties, the court allowed the Hindus to perform pujas and ordered to make arrangements to perform pujas during the week. The Varanasi court adjourned the next hearing to February 6. Speaking on this occasion, the lawyer of Hindu Paksha said that the court order is a turning point. Everyone has the right to worship.

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